Thursday, July 3, 2014

Braids for Hot Summer Days

One of our boys has baseball tournament this week, so we have been running non-stop and have been out in the heat for long periods of time! These are two really simple styles that held up all day. 

For this first style, pull out the front section of hair and keep it pulled aside. French braid the rest of the hair down the middle and pull into an elastic. Then part and twist the front portion back and add the twists to the elastic. Wrap everything left into a basic bun. And done! 

This style is similar. People love it and it is so easy to do! :) 
Start by parting the hair. I like to do a far side part, but you can also part the hair down the middle. Section out the front portion, from about the ears forward and clip aside. Pull the rest of the hair into pigtails. Now take the front sections of hair and do just a regular braid in each side, but pull the section back and across to the opposite side. Once those braids are secured, braid all of the hair in each pigtail in a regular braid and secure the end. Simple as that! 

These are so simple and would be great for tomorrow as well! Don't forget to add sunscreen to any parts when you cover their precious faces! :) 

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