Friday, September 20, 2013

Back to School Photo Bomb

We've been busy. As usual! I didn't take step-by-steps of any of these styles, but wanted to share them anyway. Hope you find some useful, or at least fun! 

This first style is really very simple! It is a "cheater" french braid in the front section of hair. I pulled it together in a low side bun along with the rest of her hair and added a bow. Voila! 

Little Miss has layered hair making french braids a little tricky at times, but I still love a side braid! This one is simple. Inside-out (or dutch) braid starting at the front off to one side. Braid down and back to the opposite side. I kept a couple pieces out on the bigger side and then twisted those pieces back and added to a lower section of the braid. Hair spray liberally!

**Weather in the midwest... One day it's hot, the next is freezing!**
This is just a french braid along the front, pulled back with a bow. The rest of the hair is curled. 

Smooth ballerina bun...

Wake up late? Fix it with a big, but cute, headband! Ha!

I still love pigtails on this girl. Simple, but sweet. These are fishtail braids. I think they give it a more detailed look.

Last is a french braid right at the top/front and then the hair all pulled into a high ponytail. Add a big, beautiful cheer bow and you are ready for spirit day! :) 

Hope you all are having a wonderful start to your year! 

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