Monday, May 20, 2013

Criss Cross Braids into Messy Bun

I really love braids. (If you haven't figured that out, click on any of the many braid links off to the side. Ha!)
This is a fairly basic concept, but can be tricky just to keep hold of. I parted the hair into four sections. I started with a diagonal part from the front left to the back right. Then I divided those in half. Pull all but one front section up out of the way. I prefer clips as they are easier to take out when ready. Start with a french braid in that front section and keep it lined up with the opposite side in the back. 

This is just a regular french braid, though you can change it up to make it more interesting. Once you are ready for the bottom section, just pull the clip out... the rest of the hair will still be out of your way. 

You can see in this next picture that on the right side, I actually did two braids that I then combined into one just before the corners. I braid a couple of strands over the gap without adding hair. I think this gives it a more uniform appearance. Also, I don't worry about combining the two main braids. I just do one and then the other over the top of the first. 

I was in a hurry and had made the braids a little loose at the bottom. Rather than fixing them, I just pulle the two together into a messy bun and added a bow. :) 

A was so excited about this book! She was the "super reader" in her class and won this from the book fair! 

*Blue shirt GAP, Jumper dress Gymboree, Sweater Pumpkin Patch, Tights Gymboree

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