Friday, May 3, 2013

2nd Day Do ~ French Braid Waves

 Yesterday, Little Miss had double dutch braids. (Dorothy braids, as my hubs calls them.) We left them in over night and had very little to do this morning!
--Still spirit week. This is for favorite team day.--
More pics in the link... 

 We have done this one before and it is a great stand-by when in a hurry. Put a pouf at the front with just the "bangs" section of hair. Then add braids on either side from the ears going up. Pull it all together into another pony and voila!
 You can do a straight braid, twist braids, step ponies, or just pull the side sections up. I like the look of french braids, but there are other options if you haven't mastered them yet. 
You can add a bun or ponytail to the back. Or you can curl the rest or leave it straight... Personally, I love these waves from french braiding! ;)
 Okay, we added a few extra pics today... Miss Sass fancies herself a future cheerleader, so she wanted these taken!

Have a great day!!!
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