Friday, April 26, 2013

Stretched Braid Piggies Tutorial

Here is the step-by-step of yesterday's style. I love the way this looks on little girls. Very feminine and fun! ;)

 I think the pics are pretty easy to follow....
Start with hair parted into piggies with the front (ear to ear) left out.
 Part the front into two sections. I like a diagonal part, because it gives a great shape to the style. Braid those two sections.
 Next, "stretch" the braids by gently pulling the edges of each plait to make them wider.
 I threw in this photo of the stretched and un-stretched braids so you can see the difference it makes.
 Criss-cross the braided sections and secure with the pigtails. I think it looks best to pull them back loosely. Gives lots of volume in the front!
Pull the pigtails into ponytail loops.
--Basically, you fold the hair in half and wrap an elastic around the folded hair right at the base of the ponytail. Or only pull the hair halfway through the last time through the elastic.--
 Secure the top of the loop to the hair above the ponytail. The rest of the loop will hang down and make a nice round poof.
 Hard to see in the picture here, but in person this style looks really cool and way more intricate than it actually is. Plus, it is relatively quick and easy. Love it!
Hope this helps for anyone wanting to try this style. Lots of love! 
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