Thursday, April 25, 2013

Nerdy Pigtails

Today's nerdy style is brought to you by Harajuku Mini. :-P
A is completely obsessed with the line of clothes and most of this outfit is from the brand. lol. Anyway, she asked for high pigtails and I was so happy her hair is finally long enough to do this again! 

I have step-by-step photos that will be up tomorrow, but here is the gist...
I put two braids in the front and then stretched them before adding them to the pigtails. Then I made upside down buns and fluffed them. Next, I put the bows under the buns, which adds some extra lift.  
This is a simple style, but it has a great shape for little faces. We heard a lot of, "She's so cute!" yesterday. ;) 
Oh, the suspenders and glasses? Those are just for fun and from Claire's.  
Have a great weekend!
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