Sunday, November 11, 2012

Veteran's Day is important in our house. We have family members who are currently serving or who have served. And we just love our country and feel so blessed to live here. Those who fight to protect our freedoms should be honored. So today, my post is for them. 

 There is a path by the river that flows through town. Along one stretch is a Veteran's Walk. The kids and I took this walk yesterday. Among the memorials are some dedicated to service men and women who came from our city and others to branches of the military. There are some really beautiful pieces of art along the walk. But this year, for us, it was more about the stories.
 I think we spent the most time at the wall for victims of Vietnam. My oldest had been reading about the soldiers and what had happened during different battles. When we got to this wall, he broke down and began to cry. I sat with him on one of the benches and we cried together for a moment. It really is a lot to process. So many lives affected. 

We spent part of our walk in silence and the kids were unusually somber. Children can occasionally be wise far beyond their years. After reading one of the stones that had been dedicated to those who were missing in action, Joshua said, 
"Nobody ever really wins."
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