Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Hair Band = New Hair Blog

New hair blog! Awesome for short hair! She is new and I'm loving how fun and sweet her styles are. I liked this one in particular. Simple, sweet, and perfect for all lengths of hair!

 Soon I'll do an updated post with this style... It is a french-fishtail in just the top section there. I didn't think it was going to be so cute when I did it. I was just in a hurry to do something! ;) But she got a lot of compliments that day, so I stopped her outside the school at the end of the day and grabbed these shots.... She was freezing so we just jumped in the car and I didn't get anything better. Lol. I'll definitely be re-using this style. I loved the bump it created at the front~
*Jeans and shoes from GAP
*Tank from Target
Sweater by Express... this might sound crazy, but this is a women's xsmall. She found this on the girls rack at the DAV!
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