Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Circus - And Some Cute Braids

Okay, I have to say a quick thank you and share a great blog for you to check out. 
First I should say that I have three kids. Most of you know this... They are my whole world. I love them and how wonderfully crazy they are! That being said, I'm happy with three. I can't imagine more. I wouldn't be able to handle it. Lol. Which is why I love the woman I'm about to link to. She has 6 kids and does so many cool things for them! Big families are amazing and beautiful to me and I love to read stories about them and to peek into their daily lives. 
So, go check out ~The Circus~ She has entertaining and lovely photos, funny stories, and a down-to-earth attitude about life and kids. Gotta love it! 
She linked to one of my posts and that makes me feel oh-so-special. So thank you!!! ;)

Going to share some quick photos of a new style we tried. I love the way it looks. Some of you might be able to figure it out with my description.... I hope.

Always start with a cheesy grin! Lol
  I started with slightly damp hair and added a little spray gel. I love gel for braids. It holds really well. These photos were taken at the end of the day. (Yes, I do this a lot! I work part time, own a business, and raise three kids and find myself soooo busy and sometimes forget or simply don't have time to snap shots before we all leave in the mornings.)
Okay, so I wanted a softer look for this one. So I took the very front hair, her bangs if you will, and pulled it all to one side to start my braid. I did a dutch braid going around the head and down at a diagonal.
 I added these photos from the top so you can see that there is no part. I left the hair mostly dry so that I could achieve a smoother look. ;) I added most of each section to the top piece and then just added the teeniest bit to the bottom plait of the braid. Make sense?
 I kept this first braid going across the middle of her head and down to the other side. Next I added another dutch braid right under the first. I used the same braiding pattern because I wanted there to be an obvious break between the two. I pulled the ends of the braids together into a messy bun. This is the way I almost always end her hairstyles... guess I'm boring. Lol. But it just works well for her shorter hair and makes it look a little more full. ;)
 I tried to get a really up close shot here so that you can see how little I added to the bottom plait of the braid. This kept the braid very low and made it easier to get her short hair in. It also stayed in better than they usually do!
 Okay, so I love this one and am thinking I'll do a partial waterfall with it next time... And I just might be releasing my first video tutorial!!! Can't wait!
Okay, so I guess I'm not done. Little Miss decided she wanted more pics and I just had to share them. I love her! This is in her, as yet, unfinished bedroom. (The floor. I HATE the floor! But she has a lung condition and severe allergies, so it's a no for carpet... still looking at laminate or something.)
Anyway, these are her poses... I told her to do something comfortable and fun and she gave me this. Lol. I never have to pose this kid. I just ask her to lift her chin or whatever so that we can see her beautiful face. ;)
 * Hello Kitty top - Target
*Jeans - GAP
*Boots -Shepler's. Can't remember the brand, but they light up and have soft rubber soles. Love them!
This one is my favorite! I just love those bright eyes kids get when they giggle! ;)
Thanks for hanging out with us today~ Don't forget to check out that blog! 
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