Sunday, November 4, 2012

Random Photos...

I am so excited for the upcoming holidays! I have several new posts in the works, including a few tutu sets that I made and received fan photos of. ( So cute! Eeek!) And then I have a few hair do's we've used recently, Halloween costumes, and a totally new style... haven't had one of those in a while! So, please bear with me and I'll have some fun things this next week!!! For now though, just some random pics from the last two weeks. ;)

Shopping and Starbucks? Yes, please!!! (Btw, that's my scarf that she insists on "borrowing". everyday.)
 More shopping... not sure why, but I just thought it was adorable that the two of them crammed into this tiny car. And Drama Boy said, " We sure know how to maximize space!" Lol

Neon day! One of Miss Sass's favorites! We already had the neon bow from last year and all of the jewelry. I found the tights on clearance. She picked this shirt with her bday money in August. So happy she had a special day to wear it at school. ;)
 This was at the pumpkin patch last week. Miss Sass and the rest of the 1st graders went on a field trip to a corn maze and had a blast. But man was it cold! Miss Sass had cute piggie braids, but you can't see them in any of the pics... She also wore her gloves on the wrong hands, upside-down so that you could see the flowers on them. Lol
And last, this is at our local zoo. We ran by after school on Tuesday of last week to check out all the decorations. They put up this candy land every year and it is so very cool! If you look in the background, you can see a life-size gingerbread house. Love it! We will be back here in our Christmas gear in a few weeks to get photos. ;) 
I'd love to see the fun Halloween costumes and hair everyone wore this year! Send me pics and I'll share!
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