Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Princess Braids

Okay, so I definitely need to redo this one, but I wanted to share the quick photos I grabbed. This is based on a style on Princess Hairstyles. She is like the queen of hair. Lol. I had to do it a little differently for Little Miss's short hair. I honestly didn't follow her tutorial, but I basically used her 'do. Seriously folks, I am just too busy as of late. I'm working on re-arranging some things in life so that we have time for the things we really want to focus on. Wish me luck! ;)
 Everyone told her she had princess hair that day. So cute. I'm thinking next time I will do this, but pull it together a little above her neck and put a bunch of curls in the ends.
 I know this is not a great picture, but it is the only one I got from the front... I am going to just keep my nice camera in my purse, cause this is ridiculous! Lol. Anyway, this is Miss Sass helping her cousin to class. They are so cute together!

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