Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Parenting advice???

I occasionally receive comments or emails asking me parenting advice. I'm happy to give a response. However, I will say that I am no expert. I have on-the-job training, but I don't have a college degree or anything like that. I'm just a mom and I worked in childcare for 14 years. ;) 

Now for the question at hand! How do you get your kids to do what you want/control them/keep them from having fits?

My answer to this is that I really don't. I try to minimize them, but it still happens every now and then. My boys are 10 and 8 and haven't had tantrums in ages. But my baby girl is younger and sometimes she loses control of her emotions in a more dramatic fashion. My biggest recommendation is that kids know what the plan is for every activity and that they also understand exactly what you expect of them. Next, if they start to get upset about something, redirect and address their feelings at a more appropriate time. 

Another thing to consider is maturity. All kids mature at different rates in each area. Miss Sass, 6 years old, is "busy". She talks in class sometimes and wiggles like crazy. But there are times when she is very mature. She behaves really well when we go to restaurants and shops like a pro. My boys hate going to the grocery store and sometimes behave poorly there, but they both act like little gentlemen and school and church.  

That being said... kids are kids. They are still learning how to manage emotions and how to express themselves. They are not going to be composed 100% of the time and will misbehave so long as it is allowed. ;) Sometimes, a child truly cannot control himself the way others do and may need some help. You should definitely bring these issues up with your doctor if you have concerns. They can provide answers   and direction if your child needs special attention. And if your kid is just a typical kid, your doctor can provide some much needed assurance! 

Okay. Your turn!!! I'd love to hear your thoughts on this topic, so please share!
Thanks for hanging in there for this non-hair post! ;) 
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