Friday, November 9, 2012

Flashback Friday

I don't usually do Flashback Fridays, but it's fun and I'm in the mood to post and have nothing else ready. ;) 
These are all from Miss Sass's bday party a year ago. She was so much smaller, but doesn't look that much younger to me... Maybe that is just he mom vision...

We had a luau theme, several pools, from the baby splash pool size up to a medium big kid size. Lots of toys like water guns and some awesome treats. My Momma and some of my friends helped make the party totally awesome!

Oh, and there was also this super cool cake! It tasted amazing! Seriously, I need to have another party soon so I can order one of Cheri's cakes!

One thing I did notice is the hair... we cut it so short this year!!! Still isn't even close to this length. I've got to talk her out of cutting it this year. :-P 
Happy Friday everyone! 
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