Tuesday, October 23, 2012


 Just a few quick photos today. Last week was a very busy week and this week has not been much better so far. ;) However, we do have a trip to the pumpkin patch coming up and another spirit day. Can't wait for those! Okay, this first one is from last Friday (I know... late) This was their school spirit day. Although you can't really see it, she was trying to show off her nails, which were painted green. Love that these are the colors this year... works so well with her red hair! Lol 
*Long sleeved tee and shorts from GAP
*Leggings and boots from Walmart
*Nail polish by Sinful Colors - purchased at Walgreen's for 1.99!!
 And more nails... just for fun! ;) Mommy-daughter manicures from last night! Her hot pink and steel polish are both by Sally Girl! I love love their colors! Often we only need one coat and they have sooo many colors! Best of all, they are $1 each at Sally's Beauty Supply!
And last, the proud princess! Hope you all are having a wonderful fall!
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