Monday, October 8, 2012

Homework Woes

We've still been really busy around here, but are almost back to our normal schedule! I will hopefully get a new post up tomorrow. We have picture day coming up and I have a few new styles I've been wanting to try. ;) But for today, I am just going to share a few fun and silly photos... 
 So, doesn't everyone work on homework like this? Lol
 Okay, now for an embarrassing mom moment... First, back story: Every Wednesday at our house is crazy. We leave school, have just enough time for dinner and head to church. Then we get home after that with just enough time for baths and bed... So last week, the kids jumped into the car after school and I paid no attention to anything. ;) After church, I tried to have them finish homework. I sent Little Miss to work on the sheet above. She is in 1st grade and was having trouble. The boys went to bed and I just tried to encourage her to keep going. She ended up falling asleep in the chair. Next morning, I realized this was actually her older brother's assignment. Oooops!!! I helped her with the first few in each section, but she did the rest. She got most of them right! Lol
Well, this was the next morning... HER homework in hand and completed before school! Oh, and she picked her entire outfit that day and was so very proud! ;)
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