Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Crazy Hair Day

 Today was crazy hair day at school. The kids all wanted fun colors, so it was a pretty easy day. ;) Little Miss wanted this simple style. We have another crazy hair day later in the year and I hope she lets me get a bit wilder. Lol
 The oldest asked for a Jekyll and Hyde esque style... So, we did red spiky on one half and white neat hair on the other. He was happy! ;)
 Here are a few of Miss Sass. Pretty basic with blue and purple sprayed in. I buy the spray color at walmart. It washes out really easily and the colors are pretty bold. It does fall out if you play with the hair, but we have enjoyed it. A tip: Go outside to spray and wrap a towel around the shoulders. Keeps the color from getting on their clothes, plus they can go ahead and dress without worrying about getting it around their hair. Being outside, you don't have to worry about fumes. 
 She had dance that day and they have to wear white top with black bottoms... we try to change things up! ;)
*Lace skirt & boots -Walmart (I know! I almost never shop there! Lol. But these were so super cute!)
*Leggings, shirt, and cami from GAP
Okay, this was my favorite color we've done! I love this boy! He told me just what he wanted, and it turned out so cool. 
I'd love to see some of your crazy hair do's and share them on the blog. Email your pics to merynne@gmail.com! Thanks!!!
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