Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Spiky Boy Style

If you read my post two days ago, then you know what's up with the messy shirt... Anyone with mad Photo shop skills want to help me out? Lol!
Okay, really, this is another style Drama Boy does with his new cut. This is probably my favorite. He has been doing something similar for a long time and I just think it suits him. You might think it is just a crazy mess, but he is very specific about his hair! ;) That being said, it is pretty easy to achieve. He used his Got to Be Glued hairspray all over barely damp hair. He uses a comb to make all the hair on top stand straight up, then he scrunches it with his fists in little sections. Last step is make sure it isn't "too spiky" and then give the very front a good shape. And, he's a happy boy!
I'd love to hear opinions and see some of your boy styles! Email me your photos at and I'd love to share them with the other readers. ~ 

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