Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Dutch Braids and Bun

 If you can do french braids, then this is an easy do. The best thing about this one is that it works for just about any length of hair. If you find that your daughter's hair is difficult to get into the braids, try more braids, so that you are holding less hair. This is a good tip for shorter hair. ;)
 Little miss had dance today, so we wanted something to keep the hair out of her face, but we like to do new things. Her fine hair does not stay in a ponytail, it just slips out and she would be a hot mess when I go pick her up from school. Lol. So, braids are usually the winner! Anyway, for this one, I parted out the middle braid first and just pulled the sides out of the way. For the two braids on the longer side, I just did inside-out or dutch braids. Then I did a scattered braid for the other side. 
 I tried to get a few angles on this one. I will try to get a video of this one. It is super simple, but it has a softer look to me than the full dutch braid. Basically, you just do a flat braid for a few steps, then add hair as you would for the dutch braid. Do a few more steps with just braiding, then add hair again. We like to add different types of braids in the same style. It's always fun to change things up. ;)
 Okay, we added a bow and she was done. ~

*Her pants(which are still too big, but she insists on wearing them!) are from Justice. The shirt is soooo cute, has a little ruffle on the bottom with a layer of tulle over a sequined layer is from GAP. Jacket is from a local dance shop... might be available online 
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