Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Diagonal Braid with Twists

Sometimes a simple little thing can make a 'do just pop! This one accent braid does that for this style.

 For this style, I started by parting out the sections of hair and making a french braid going diagonally across the top of her head. 
 *Side note: Any of you with little ones with asthma or other lung conditions? Every time the weather changes, we have to start breathing treatments. It is easiest to get these done while fixing hair for us. 
 So, as you can see the diagonal is not severe, but it is noticeable. I ended it a little higher just because her hair is still short and I wanted to be able to get the end of the braid into the ponytail.
 So, the next step is really simple, I parted the hair perpendicular to the braid and put both of those front sections into twists. I pulled everything back into a pony.
 I loved the way it turned out... however, baby girl did not get her levels up high enough with the treatment to go to school... So, we'll just have to do this one again! ;) 
And no worries! She was feeling back to normal today. ;)

*Shirt by Under Armor
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