Monday, September 17, 2012

Braids on Braids

 These photos are all from after school, so they are not perfect by any means! Her hair is still baby fine and just doesn't stay no matter how much hairspray, gel, mousse, paste, glue, whatever I use... But I still think it looks cute and is such a fun 'do!
 This looks soooo cute, but it is simple! It is just two braids with the front section of hair that are pulled together in the back. The hair underneath is french braided down to the nape of the neck and then pulled together in the middle. This is a style I borrowed from pinterest and there was no link. But hopefully you can get it without a video or anything.
  The original 'do was on long hair, but it worked just fine for us. My baby girl has pretty short hair, though it is longer in the front. We had just enough to make the top braids. We used a cute bow to cover the ends. Miss Sass looked adorable and all day I had moms telling me how much they loved her hair. ;)
There's the sass! <3 nbsp="nbsp" p="p">
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