Friday, September 21, 2012

3 Twists On Top - 2 Days of Easy Peasy Style

 So, these first two pics are actually day two of this style. We were in a hurry and it is Western Day at school. Miss Sass told me that cowgirls always wear ponytails. Lol. So this is just the three twists that were there from yesterday with everything pulled into an elastic. Easy-peasy and it took about a minute!
I thought she looked pretty adorable. ;)
 So, yesterday, we did three twist togethers and left the rest of the hair down. This took less than 5 minutes! I just part out the three sections and clipped them aside. For each section, just part the hair down the middle and twist the two pieces in toward the part. Then just add an elastic at the end. 
 And in the middle of pictures.... "Oh, Mommy! There are other people here!!!" 
 Honestly, she loves everyone! Lol
Her hair looked really cute today and yesterday. Gotta love it when a style lasts more than one day, even if it is as simple as this one! 

*Boots, jeans and l/s shirt by GAP, Sweater: Old Navy

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