Friday, September 7, 2012

2 Easy Peasy Styles for Hot Days

Love this style... It is just criss cross step ponies into piggies. It is simple, but adorable! You can put the "lattice" at an angle or do one on each side. There are a lot of different options with this one.
Okay, I love this little knee pop she does. Lol. She always has to have some sassy pose and I just laugh. ;) 
This one looks complicated, but is pretty easy to accomplish once you know how. Here is a similar style by another blogger. (She's AWESOME!) Basically, these are just knots. You separate out a section of hair that is long and thin. Split it in two pieces, then start to tie it like you would shoestrings. The difference is that you will loop the pieces three or four times rather than just once. Is this making any sense? After I did these four knots, I pulled the sides of her hair and the ends from the knots into pull-throughs on either side. Last, I pulled everything back into a pony and added a giant bow. This one was a little crooked and crazy, but it actually looked really cute in person! Hope you enjoy these two styles and thanks for stopping by! ;)

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