Wednesday, August 29, 2012

New School Year. New 'do!

It's a new school year and this princess's 6th bday month! Little Miss asked for clothes (such a big girl!) The top is from grandma and light-up boots from Daddy. She wanted something very special for her hair to go with the new outfit. ;)

I just love this do and it is really so simple! Start with just a section of hair right where you would put a side part. Continue the braid down as far as possible to the end of the hair. My girl has rather short hair and I was able to do this style easily. ;) Now for the ribbon. It isn't necessary, but I love the look! I simply took a long piece and folded it in half. I put that fold right along the first three pieces of the braid. One half of the ribbon will go with one section of hair, and the other with the section on the other side. You can just keep them a part of the braid and it will show up every now and then. I like doing it this way because Little Miss still has thin baby-like hair and this adds more to hold on to. 

Whew! Next step is to secure the end of that braid right at the front with a little section of hair on the exact opposite side. Little Miss had just enough hair to go across the front. You can adjust where the braid lays for the length of hair. At this point, you will have a piece of hair coming from the elastic you secured with. I added some gel and did a fishtail braid with that hair. I love these braids, very cute!
I did like that this gave her an almost indie style to go with the hippie top and cowgirl boots! ;) And she got tons of compliments at school!
I'd love to see any back to school or birthday 'dos you have done recently! Send me your pics at and I will post them here! 
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