Tuesday, August 28, 2012

BOYS New cut!

This is Drama Boy's new cut for school. It has a lot of options... faux hawk, spike, the "new Bieber", and then this: I call it the crazy, messy, thing. Lol
If you want lots of flexibility with your son's 'do, the trick is in the cut. Drama Boy has VERY thick hair. Because of this, his stylist gave him lots of depth by cutting deeper angles than are typical for the messy look. This is the thing... His hair is NOT even and that is intentional! ;) This does mean he pretty much has to fix his hair, but this is a kid who insists on it everyday anyway! Seriously, his hair paste is more expensive than my hairspray! But really, I love the cut and all things he can do with it. We'll post some more pics as he tries out different looks. Thanks for stopping by and please share some of your boy looks! 

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