Saturday, November 19, 2011

Okay, so this is just a quick do for gym or dance days! We were running really short on time and Little Miss has bangs that won't just stay in a ponytail. So, we did this simple little do! Yes, I realize it was a little crooked... I fixed that before we left for school, but didn't get pics. Of course! ;)
These next two photos were taken after school yesterday. Little Miss and her classmates were videotaped earlier that day. She was sooo excited to be on camera! Lol, haven't seen the footage yet, but I'm sure she was adorable! ;) I curled her hair with the flat iron and put in a new headband. Nothing major, but I was happy to see that she still had some curl left... even if the wind and her playing did play havock with the style!

I hope everyone is having a happy fall! I'd love to see some of your recent do's and even feature a guest on my blog! I have been very busy and am still adjusting to life with all three kids in school, running my own business, a husband working and in a Masters program, volunteering at my kids school because I am that mom... well, you get the idea! Lots of love to my friends and followers out there!
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