Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Happy Halloween!

What were your little ones for Halloween? I had Harry Potter, a ninja, and a little devil. I thought it was rather fitting. ;) Actually, Little Miss originally wanted to be a Rainbow Angel... yeah, I couldn't find the right costume and ran out of time to make one. As we walked down the Halloween isle, she saw the horns and said, "That's what I'm gonna be!" Lol, she is sassy!

It was a great deal! She already had all of the clothes. We just bought the tail, horns, a trident/wand and bow tie as a set for $5. Anyway, I just put her hair in a little pony on top with a small bump and curled her hair. She was cute as ever. ;)

All the kids had a blast! The boys were Harry Potter and a ninja. That little one is my nephew Tanner.... he is dressed as a boxer!

Hope Halloween, or Day of the Dead, All Hallows Eve, All Saints Day, or whatever it is you celebrate this time of year was a special and memorable day!
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