Monday, November 7, 2011

Halloween Help

Blog reader asks:
"I read your blog everyday and love all of the cute ideas you do with hair.  I am in a pinch....I have twins boy/girl and they are being thing 1 and thing 2, but they are 2 1/2 and knew they wouldn't keep wigs on.  I bought the blue hair spray but wondered if you had any ideas in the department of her is quite long and thick so if that helps!!  Thank you so much! :)   I attached a picture of it down and wet!"

My reply:
Okay, I know this is last minute! I am up early getting ready for our Halloween bash today at church. ;) I am so sorry I didn't get you emailed back sooner! I tried to start an idea I had for the hair and my little girl fell asleep on the chair in front of me... poor girl! Anyway, I did manage to try again last night and just re-did it, but quicker and much more messy. I'm sending a few pics with this. the first is just the over all idea. I thought the easiest way to get that mess of hair everywhere would be a bunch of ponies all over her head. My daughter's hair is too long to just do the ponies, so I pulled the hair only halfway through the last time through the elastic. If you don't mind back-combing/teasing, you could pull the hair all the way through and then just tease it to craziness. I don't do that to Alex's hair much... Okay, so the next pic is an alternative to those two. Pull the hair all the way through and then hold the ends up and slowly let them fall while spraying with hairspray. Hold the last little bit until it dries, then spray again. Start to scrunch it up, like you would curly hair. If you use mega hold hairspray, it should get pretty scrunched! ;) You could do this all over her head in all the ponies and then either just spray again and shape the mess or use bobby pins to get the ends in line.... I hope that helps! I wish I could have done more! Thanks again for asking and following my blog! ;)

These are the pictures I sent with my reply. Which reading now... it must have been confusing. Lol

But this is what she did with it and the reply she had for me! ;)

Reader: "Well sure enough it worked great! :)  Thank you!  I will attach some pictures.  I ended up doing the pony tails, curling the pony tails almost down to elastic (cause her hair curls like SHIRLEY TEMPLE!) and then just had to rat, and poof! :)  It was darling, everyone asked how is she keeping on that wig!"

Okay, so aren't these kids just the cutest Things you've ever seen!!! (No pun intended. hehe)
This is an awesome mom who went all out with her kiddos costumes and I'm so happy she is part of our blogging community! 
Happy Halloween All!
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