Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Finally, summer is really here!

We get so busy at the end of the year that we just don't have time for anything! Well, dance recital is finally accomplished. I made the hairpieces for both dances... And had a blast doing these! ;) the kids had three performances and seven dances between them. And then the parents did a number too. Yes, I participated. Lol! We had sooo much fun, but now things are back to summer normal. which means things are still busy but in a much more relaxed way. ;) I'm on my phone again, so I'll just give a quick description of what's here... These are pics from Miss Sass's two dances and then one of her earning her dance medal for the year. She did a great job! If any of you are interested in knowing just ask and I'll let you know what steps she had to have down to get it. ;) alright everyone, hope you had an awesome 4th of July... I'd love to see pics of the different hair you did for that big day!

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