Sunday, March 20, 2011

Easter is Almost Here!

So, a lot of you have been emailing me and asking when I'll be back! ;) I love the kindness you've shown and I have really missed blogging. Since so many of you have said that you don't care what I blog about, I'm taking that to heart... at least for this post. ;)

So, what have we been up to? Well, I started working with my best friend making the bow business a success. We have had a ton of orders lately and I am so so excited about it! My mama has joined the group as well and is creating all these amazing little onesies and dresses! I'll share all of these throughout my posts, but I thought I'd start with this dress. ;)

 Easter is coming up quickly and Mama had this adorable dress hanging on her rack of things for sale! Well, Little Miss immediately asked if she'd be modeling and started taking things off. Lol!
 Isn't it just so cute?! Well, my bestie and I have been working on spring and summer colors and had just made this bow that couldn't have been matched better if we'd already seen the dress. ;)
 And since this is a hair blog, I'll mention that I parted her hair far to one side and put her bangs into a small inside-out french braid. Then I covered the elastic with the bow. Simple and sweet. (though later I decided the rest could have used some curls.)
 Anyway, we are offering this dress in limited quantities with matching hairbow for $25, just $5 extra for piggies!!! If you are interested, just let me know and I'll get you the info to order! ;)
Well, thanks again for all of the sweet comments and emails! I love hearing from all of you and I'm jumping back in! ;) I look forward to spending regular time in blogworld again!!!
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