Monday, December 20, 2010

Crazy Hair Day - Christmas Edition

A friend posted some pics on facebook and I asked her permission to share her unique style in hair blogland. You all will be happy I did! ;) Okay, check it out! I'm going to share her directions too; feel free to ask questions...

 Shannon said: "I used 18 gauge floral wire which comes in long skinny packets pre-cut into lengths of about 18 inches.  I just braided around the wire...taking one strand underneath and the next one over top to keep the wire straight and hidden.  I looped the ends of the wire around so I could tie the 'twinkle berries' on to the wire."

 "The 'twinkle berries' are simply those round little furry balls you find at walmart or any craft store in packages of all different sizes...took a needle and thread...and sewed the first ball the second ball on and to a height I liked, then looped around and sewed it around and up again to 'lock it in place'....then did the same things to the last ball to keep it at the correct height.  took some simple ribbon and tied a bow to make it that much cuter."
--- Those are three pull-throughs in the back.--- 
Adorable right?! Shannon is an amazing photographer and apparently pretty awesome at hair too! Her work is beautiful and inspiring! Please take a look at her blog and say hello for me! ;)
Thanks Shannon! And to all of you, Happy Holidays! ;)
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