Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Bangs Anyone?!?!

Most of you know me pretty well by now... you know that I get bored and change things up frequently. However, I had really been trying to not trim or cut Little Miss's hair. She wanted it long and pretty like Mommy's. ;) Yeah well, she and Drama Boy (the one who cut her hair last time!) were in the bathroom together... You can see where this is going, right?

Right, we have bangs now and some layers. Aside from the rediculously short sideburns she gave herself, it is actually pretty cute. We're going to let the bangs grow out which is why they are so big. Lol... kids *sigh* 
Well, here are some pics (in the order they were taken) from our trip to see Santa. My girl was really trying to earn her nickname. May I present, Little Miss Sass:

The crazy face below is a good shot of those short sideburns she has now. I added some extra curls on the top with her flat iron. I just use the remmington mini. It works really well and has a low heat setting. These pics were taken after seeing Santa, having cookies and cocoa, and dancing all around... oh, and pulling her flower clip out. Lol, it was way cuter when we started the evening! ;) 

There's that sweet smile! ;)
Did any of you visit Santa? Or maybe go see the giant Christmas tree at the mall? I'd love to hear some of your favorite holiday traditions - and see your holiday hair! ;) If you'd like to see our visit with Santa it is up on my family blog. Merry Christmas!
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