Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Simple Dancer 'Do / Gymnast Bun

I know I've done this style before, but it is such a great, simple, but quick one for gymnastics and dance!

It really isn't very hard to achieve, so I'm just going to share some pics of the finished style...

The front is just three small ponies and then that is pulled back into a messy bun.
These others are before I put the tutu pony in... Great thing about the hair tutu is that it makes up for so much. If you make a mistake or your bun is a little funky, or just wimpy like my little girls is.... The tutu covers it all up. ;)
See, I didn't even try to make it pretty, I just threw the hair up and then added the tutu. ;)

Here's a better close-up of the top... I have to add in these extra sections because of her bangs. But these are also really helpful for gymnasts because it makes the style more stable than just a ponytail.
Thanks all, and happy voting day! ;)

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