Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Cheerleader Pony

I've had the draft for this post sitting here for a while and kinda forgot about it.. oops! This is really simply, but cute and brings me back to my high school cheer days. ;)

I didn't get great pics, but it's really simple. I parted the hair on the side, put pull-throughs in each side at the front. Pulled everything back into a high ponytail and then curled the hair. Next, I pulled the hair up and sprayed in with hairspray as it fell back down. Then, I sort of scrunched it and sprayed again. It is messy, but cute and simple, but fun!
We also added some Gymboree clips to either side to hold her bangs back... but as you can see, they didn't hold the whole night! I had to redo them a few times. ;)
I guess there aren't enough pics to really tell here, but I didn't feel comfortable posting photos of random people without permission. So, I was careful about which ones I put up here... Anyway, this was at our local college's homecoming football game. (Yeah homecoming, does that tell you how long it took me to post this one?!) They had a bbq and carnival following the homecoming parade that was right across the street from the field. Really, it was one of the best events we've taken the kids to this year! Right, so Little Miss was climbing all over the stands during the game, but this next pic is when they were announcing homecoming king and queen at halftime... that's my princess!
Were you a cheerleader? Dancer? Did you play sports? What did you do with your hair?

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