Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Blue & Pink Gypsy Dress

I noticed while today, that my second Halloween post didn't show up. You're not missing anything major, just a few pics of my kids in their costumes... I'll try to add that later... busy with school for now. ;)

Okay, I'm getting back into the flow of dress/hair/dress/hair... lol. So, here's the next dress in our little fashion week. I also made some new hairbows to match.

I love my little girl in dresses! I think I would pair this with some leggings and the boots for cooler weather and then maybe a long-sleeved top under or shrug sweater over...
I love the simple yellow bow accents...

Not sure if you can see it, but these are basic piggies with a loose french braid on her right side... this is the same I used for a couple of the dresses. The bows are light blue, pink and white with little blue hearts in the middle.

Have a great day! ;)
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