Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Simple Twists Into Poofy Piggies

This is a pretty simple style to do, but it turns out really adorable!

Little Miss still has bangs and lots of layers, so I started out with two step-ponies going back to hold everything back. Please excuse the crazy bumps in her hair; she had this funky braid style after her bath the night before... we did NOT get the pretty wave we were looking for! ;) Right, so if you can't tell by that first picture, I used a somewhat loose pony and gently secured it about 2.5-3 inches straight back from where I wanted it to end up. This makes the top way smoother in the end, so you'll want to do it this way.
Next step is the twist. I switched sides for some reason, but you'll do exactly the same thing on both sides. Twist each on in toward the middle. After you get the twist looking right, line it up where you want the pigtail to go and then secure it along with the hair from the top into one elastic.
It works really well to keep the hair on top out of the way and also get a nice clean look without trying to hold a twist and comb the top at the same time... trust me, you don't want to try it that way! ;)
Right, here's a nice blurry pic from the back so you can see both sides done together. Kind of.
Okay, next is the easy and fun part! The piggies will sit high and the twists will help give a little extra push so that the hair has more poof that normal. I just added a few big curls to each side. And if you can see it in the next pic, I used a tiny claw clip to hold some of the hair up top, so the curls would keep going that way. They were already on top of her head, but I figured gravity would win by the end of the day! ;)
So, the rest of these are at dance class, our last stop of the day... this one lasted through everything and even jazz class! ;) I loved it and the other dance mommas were cooing over her all night. Lol, mostly I think they were wishing their little girls were still little! ;)
I didn't get a ton of pics that day because Miss Sass was in full-sass mode after missing a nap... but the hair was still adorable! Haha

Oh, I forgot that I had added these new clippies I made the night before! I was super-happy that she picked something purple so I could put these in! ;)

I promise she wasn't crying here... just being her pain in the sassy self!
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