Monday, October 25, 2010

Leopard Dress & Side Swept Braid

I just got in here to check on my blog and this post wasn't up yet... but I posted it this morning! hmmm... Well, I'm trying it again. Hopefully you all can see it now! ;)

We've been busy around here again... what's new, right?! ;)
I spent the weekend at my Momma's house taking pictures of the new dresses she's made for our shop. I feel in love with this one right off the bat and so did Little Miss!
It is a nice medium-weight cotton, fully lined, with adorable black fringe. It has lots of twirl and sass... perfect for our little girls! ;)

This is the 2/3, so it would probably be longer on other little girls since Little Miss is 4. ;) There is a ribbon tie in the back to give a custom fit at the waistline.

We were mainly focused on the clothes, but I did some quick hair changes to go with the dresses... This is just a soft big french braid. I started at the front and middle of a deep side part and braided down and around toward the back. When I reached the other side, I pulled the rest of the hair and the braid into an elastic and made a messy bun. Topped it off with a clip and we were good to go! ;)

I actually thought the hair style was pretty, but probably wouldn't stay all day in her super-soft hair. Either way, the hair and the dress were a win with her! She spent as much time modeling in front of Grandma's mirror as she did outside for the camera. ;)
So, what do you think? Like the dress? Like the hair? ;)
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