Thursday, October 28, 2010

Easy-Peasy Twist & Fluff

Today, I have a really simple and quick style that uses just one elastic and a clip... and a headband if you'd like! Oh, and don't forget the koolaid mustache! ;)

So, this is really crazy easy! Pull up most of the hair excpet a section in the back out of the way. Make a twist braid in the bottom and pull that up with the top section. For older girls or adults it would be cute to twist up the top section like I did in the following picture... 
And then you could pin or clip it us the way you normally would a twist like that. ;) Well, Little Miss does way too much running around for that, so I did something a tad different. I simply put the twist and the top hair into a ponytail. For some reason, I thought that you would be able to see the white elastic and black clip easier here... but I changed it after I took these. ;)
Right, so this is the cool part! If you put in a clip over the top of the ponytail, it will flip the hair up. Now, this is really only going to work for hair that is shoulder length to a few inches longer than that. If the hair is longer, you might want to try something else. ;)
Little Miss already had her ends curled under, so they flipped under nicely after they were up too.

Miss Sass wanted the headband and I thought it was a nice finishing touch. ;)
And don't forget the koolaid!

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