Sunday, October 17, 2010

Cornrow Piggies

 The idea here is simple, but the time it takes is not so simple! ;) Make sure you and your little princess are comfy and have plenty of little activities to do.

 I didn't get step-by-step shots, so I'll just do my best to tell you the order we used. To start, part the hair in whatever way you will want it fixed when done. We were going for pigtails, so I did a side angled part on top and a zigzag down the back. I put one side in a pony out of the way and started on the other.
So, the easiest way is to wet the hair and start at the top. It's best if the hair is not soaked. If you towel dry after washing or just spray it a little with dry hair... it will be a lot easier to hold on to and keep the little hairs in while braiding. You might also consider a little gel or pomade on each section before you braid it.

If you aren't sure where to put the braids, try it first. Part out the sections and clip them, just to see where they are all meeting up. This way you will know where the ponytail is going to end up. You can braid all of the hair and the braids shouldn't get in the way of each other. But if you have trouble with this, you can hold the braids back with a clippy. I suggest an alligator clip (bow-free) because it will easily slide back out without pulling any hairs loose. I think I already mentioned it, but you'll want to start with the braids on the top/front and work your way to the back of the head and down.
Here is a better view of the back. It was easy for me to decide where to put the braids because of the zig zag.

 And last, here is a pic with her ribbon that she earned for doing the memory step in dance class. She just had to get a picture with it! ;)

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