Tuesday, September 28, 2010

We Love Birthdays!

My little niece had her birthday party over the weekend. Little Miss was super excited because they are now both 4! ;) This was just as we were walking into the house with our gift... a few Pinkalicious books and a cute shirt and scarf by Beautees. Yes, Little Miss helped pick it out. ;)
Anyway, we had a few styles for the day. I got to do three styles... One for The Diva, Little Miss Sass, and The Princess... 
So first, the birthday girl. Her mom asked me to fix it while she finished setting up. We just did something simple, but The Princess wanted her hair all up.
The back is two pull-throughs up into a pony. Then on top, I made a diagonal part. The front is a french braid into a pull-through and the other side is just a pull-through. I pulled those ends back with the rest and made a messy bun. Then Mom added a bow she had made and she was good to go!
This one is at the end of the day when she donned her new Cinderella dress and tiara... so cute! ;)
Okay, here are a few more of Miss Sass. She had a fairly simple do too.
She had a deep side part with two pull-throughs on one side and one on the other. I put a braid into each of these ends and pulled them along with the rest of the hair into a messy bun. Then I just tied a ribbon around it... I didn't even seal the ends. Lol, it was adorable, but I kept looking at it all day. ;)
Then, here is The Diva's hair. She was in a hurry to play in the bouncy house, so I just straightened out and smoothed her piggies. Next, I added a french braid to her bangs that were a little crazy and pulled it back out of the way. She is wearing bows and a shirt I made for her. ;)
And here's one more picture of The Princess and Little Miss together. Please excuse the dirty tootsies; they had already been playing outside for a couple hours. ;) This turned out to be my favorite pic from the day... our coustwins are so sweet! ;)
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