Monday, September 27, 2010

Twists and Clips

Okay, so blogger has changed their photo uploader... They ran a beta test of it a while back and I liked. However, I have been trying for the last three days now to create this post and the uploader keeps rotating my pictures! I tried using a separate editing software and starting from scratch then re-uploading, no go. UGH!!!! Well, I guess I just have to deal with it. :)

Moving on....
This was Little Miss's idea. She asked me to use her new clips I got on a cruise. They are something you could find about anywhere, but they came with a cute set and she thinks they are really special. ;) She asked me to put twists in and showed me all the places she wanted them. I adjusted her concept a tad, but mainly used what she asked for. ;)

Start with a zigzag part, then pull one side and the back out of the way. Start the twists on the side left out. Part out a section, going straight down from the tip of the zig part. Then you want to twist down to the head and slightly toward the back. I recommend combing the hair straight out from the head and starting your twist at the end. You will almost be rolling the hair toward the scalp.
Add your clip to the bottom. Get your next section ready and twist it in the same way. When you are twisting the end, add the end piece from the first twist. You will just have to work with the hair a little in order to the hair to twist together properly. Then, add another clip to that end. Continue until you are out of hair on that side. ;) It worked out to three twists on one side and two on the other for us.

As you can see here, the hair doesn't have to all fit in the clip. The great thing about twists is that you only need to secure a little hair from each side and you will be good to go! In fact, she slept on this and it was fine the next day too. I simply redid the clips a little and added some hairspray! ;)
In this picture, I was just clipping that last twist out of the way. It hindsight, I suggest doing the back first...
And here's how, just add a small pony right at the crown. You will then add twists to the back. You can do as many or few as you like. More twists will hold better, especially for thin or shorter hair. We went with three. Having the small pony tail first will help secure the twists, whereas just trying to twist and pony will come undone. Make sense?
Again with the sideways pics, sorry! I made all three back twists go in the same direction, but you could do an even number and have them all twist back for a different look. Aside from the pic being sideways, you should be able to tell that we still had the hair on the other side left out.
The next step is to secure the ends from all the twists into the ponytail. Our second side was way easier since I was able to secure it right away. ;)
Next I added a little bun so the twists could be seen in back. And then I added the last clip so that the sides matched. ;)
After it was done, I noticed it looks like a crown style. I'm thinking it would be cute to secure with elastics rather than clips and then lace with ribbon...

Okay the last one doesn't really show the style much, but it was the only one that would stay upright, so I ended with it. Plus it's such a cute smile! ;)

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