Sunday, September 5, 2010

Side Baby Gaga Bow & A New Tank

So there are two parts to this post... First, a new hairdo. We did a super-simple side pony into a bow made out of hair. This is really cute and fun. I hope you all like it! ;)

Here are some up close pictures of the style. We were at the dance studio when I took these and I didn't get any step-by-step, sorry. ;)
I tried to get a good shot here of the way I make the bow. It is great with longer hair because you can use the long ends to wrap around the middle. I'll see if I can get a model with longer hair or perhaps find a way to get pics of my own hair to show you how.
Anyway, I parted out the braids then put a small pony in the section right behind that. I made another small section right behind that, adding the first piece to that pony. Then I pulled up all the rest of the hair into a high side pony and made the "bow". See, easy-peasy! ;)
So, here is how I make my "bow". These were taken at the end of the day, so the hair is pretty wacky here... So, you split the hair that is in the pony in half. Put elastics out as far as you'd like, while leaving at least a couple inches at the end. The further out you put the elastic, the wider the bow will be.
Split the hair at the end that is past the elstic in two pieces and pull them down and wrap them around the base of the ponytail. Then secure the two pieces together with another elastic. If you have ends sticking out, you can wrap them around to hide the elastics, create a pull-through under the main pony and wrap the hair around the middle of the "bow", or just curl/spike/fluff them... lots of options!
Geez, this is turning into a long post, sorry ladies! ;)....

Right, so the second part of this post is about Miss Sass's new tank. I found this cute "Super Star" top on the clearance rack at Walmart. I don't typically buy clothes there, but we have seen a few cute things in the big girl's section lately. This top was 5 bucks, wahoo! Obviously, it was too big for my tiny little 4 yr old though, so I had to do a little work on it!
I took it apart, literally at the seams... took in the sides a bit and took a bit out of the shoulders and made the armholes a little smaller. I didn't get the arms quite right, so I added the ribbons.
She looks so big in these pictures with her mismatched squeeze jeans. lol, the older girls at dance said she was extra-cute that day!
She was being totally ridiculous and we had a lot of fun hanging out while the boys were in their jazz and tap classes... This picture was of her telling me that she is so strong and someday she's going to win a trophy that big. I didn't have the heart to tell her that size is awarded to a group, not just one girl! ;)
She's so goofy!
I'd love to hear what you all think of her tank top and the "bow". I'd also love to see your versions of this style. Thanks for sticking with me on this one! ;)
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