Saturday, September 18, 2010

A Curly Do - Detangling and Braiding

Okay, so I had the pleasure of hanging with my sweet niece again... and of course we did some hair! ;)
---Do you see my Little Miss in the background? She managed to get herself into several pics, *sigh*---

Right, so this was all pretty simple, but the detangling was time consuming. The Diva had some fairly tangled hair after sleeping over. (We stayed up late and slept in, then the kids watched movies... lazy day!) Anyway, I had some work to do!
I seperated out a small section in the back and pulled up the rest with clips. Then I sprayed the section with water and added a small bit of natural conditioner(more on that in tomorrow's post). Then, I gently combed with a wide-tooth comb. We call it a pick-comb. ;) I started at the bottom and moved my way toward the scalp, then used a regular comb after the tangles were mostly worked out. It was quick going once we got started. This next picture is of the hair de-tangled.
And then I thought I'd add this picture of her hair after the curls started to perk back up.
After I was finished detangling, I parted out some sections at the top. The first was a small section in the middle and set back a couple inches from the hairline. Next I parted out the side into a triangle going from her ear up to the middle section and then leaving a bit of hair in between this and the middle section.
I did the same on the other side and added french braids to these sections, continued the braids a little way out and then secured with an elastic. Though, later I decided to take the ends out, so you could just use a clip at the end of the braid.
Now, you have a section of hair that is in front of and on the sides of that middle section. I used this to create a mini bouf in the front.
I simply pulled the hair back lightly and added another elastic just behind the first in that middle section. Then, I pulled the braids up with it too. Last, I added a flower clip and we were all done!

Such a cutie!
Oh, I did add a little bit of a light gel and fluff up the curls a little. I think I could have fluffed them a little more honestly... maybe next time! ;)
Lol, I had to add this one in! It shows the back of The Diva's hair really well, but it also shows what I found in nearly every picture I took that day... Little Miss running around playing, with crrrazy hair! ;)
Okay, one last picture from the front... Isn't she a doll?!
You can find lots of curly hairdo's and care tips with Q and her mommy!
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