Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Curlformers Product Review

Some of you might remember that I had won a giveaway for Curlformers, woohoo!!! ;) Well, I've tried them once on myself and once on Little Miss. They were a lot of fun and the curls are just amazing! 

Okay, so first I'll just have to tell you about my experience and give you a piece of advice. I asked for the extra long and wide curlformers. These accomodate 22" of hair. Apparently, I have a little bit more than that, but no biggie... I got a set of 40. I used every single one, because although my hair is very fine, I have a TON of it! I was so excited that I tried these the day I got them. Well, my 25 or so inches of thick hair takes about 40 minutes to blow dry without any curlers... Yeah, are you catching on to the problem? I started the process at about 9:30am. I blow dried a little, I checked... still wet. I waited. I blow dried a little, I checked... still wet. I cooked lunch. I blow dried a little, I checked... still wet. I waited. It'll air-dry, right? ... At 4pm when we needed to leave, I was pulling curlers out of my hair that was still slightly damp! Lol. The curls were still lovely, if not as full as I'd have liked... Altogether, I blow-dried for 4.5 hours in 1/2 hour sessions. So, my advice... If you have thick hair, make sure it is only the slightest bit damp and for goodness sake, put them in before bed!!!
Okay, so here are some pics of Little Miss wearing the curlformers. These are really too long for her hair, but they worked just fine. I put most of them in while she was sleeping and I thought they were pretty cute. ;)
I mixed up the pink and orange. TIP: They make curls that go opposite directions.
TIP: Use more curlformers for more defined curls and a fuller look when finished.

I just had to add this next picture. I took the formers out, which was really easy and quick, and then she fell asleep. I thought she looked so adorable! 
And then here are some pictures of the beautiful curls we got.
TIP: Don't, that's a DO NOT;), part the hair into perfect little boxes to put the formers in. If you've ever seen a head of naturally curly hair, you know that their curls are scattered and random and messy. ;) Lol, the point is that you want the curls to flow nicely and overlap each other.
One more TIP: Add a tiny bit of gel or mousse to each strand as you put the formers in. This way they hold well, but you don't have to worry about messing up your curls. I used a new gel that I got recently. More on that in a few days. ;)
I absolutely loved the curls! After they relaxed a little bit, I used a couple boby pins to pull some hair to one side, but left bangs in front. That one curl was just too flippin' cute to pull out of her face! ;)
Thanks so much to Nikki at Beads Braids & Beyond for having the awesome Giveaway for Curlformers!
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