Wednesday, September 22, 2010

3 Pigtails into Bun

This is just another quick do we did for dance class. It's also one of the do's I photographed with my back-up camera, so it's a little fuzzy...

Make a side part and add a french braid/cornrow to the larger side going back to her ear. Continue the braid without adding hair to the end and secure temporarily.
In the back, part the hair into 3 sections and put into high ponytails. It is easiest to start with the middle section.
On the smaller side in front, make a pull-through knot and then add that hair to a ponytail on the same side. Make it even with the middle pony.
Do the same with the braid on the other side. This looks best if the ponies are all even, or the middle is just slightly higher than the outsides.
Wrap all the ends around the middle pony and secure with an elastic. Add bobby pins if needed. This also looks super-cute with 3 messy buns or braids.
And your finished do is a little funky and a lot fun! ;)
Little Miss insisted on her pictures being taken in the family room with the boxes containing the kids school supplies for the year... she's goofy! ;)
Oh, and I want to point out the pieces of her outfit here... We got so so many compliments on it! The skeggings (yeah, I'm still getting used to that name...) are from Target, on clearance! The shoes are from Walmart. And the top was purchased on the clearance at Von Maur. Head to Toe, this set was $16... gotta love clearance! ;)
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