Wednesday, August 4, 2010

One style, Two days

I have been suffering from mommy brain something fierce lately!!! Really, it is so bad that I finished this entire post and almost put it up before I realized I had already posted one of the hairstyles! Well, the post is better with both in it, so if you've seen the one already, just scroll down. ;)

I have two hairstyles today that are almost the same thing. ;) We have been pretty busy lately getting ready for school, so I haven't done as many hair do's. Apparently, I didn't get any good shots of the finished looks. Sheesh!
Right, so the hair is what we're here for!... This first one is pretty simple. I parted the hair into two sections on top. In the front section, I did a french knot braid. This is achieved by starting with two pieces and tying them in a knot, as you would when you tie your shoes before making the bow. ;) You add hair to each piece and tie them again. Just keep going to the end and secure with an elastic. It's crazy-easy and looks really neat, imo.  

On the other side I just did a cornrow/inside-out-french braid. This was mainly just because I wasn't paying attention and then we were rushing out the door so I didn't have time to change it. meh... It actually looked pretty cute when it was all finished. ;)
I put a small pony in the very bottom to keep her little hairs in place and then pulled everything together into a messy bun thing. I do these almost every time there will be water play because it stays in line better than just a ponytail.
Tada! ;)
This second style is pretty much the same thing. I think I did the parts a little better this time though and I made piggies instead of one ponytail. I throw a zigzag part into the mix anytime things feel boring! ;)
I did cornrows in both sections this time. I made them much smaller than I usually do so that Miss Sass could wear them longer. I was pleased that we were able to keep them in for almost 4 days! (We still shampoo/condition lightly and she sleeps on a satin pillow... yep, she's a total queen!)
Oh, I want to mention that for the last few little sections, I only add hair to the front. I find this lets the braid flow backward much easier and looks cleaner.
I know it is totally sad that she wore this for 3 full days and I didn't manage to get a single picture of even her little face with this 'do in! Lol, it did look really sweet and you can change up the back as much as you want while leaving the braids in. We added giant pink bows the first day and swapped to messy buns the 2nd. 3rd day, we pulled the back together into a french braid down the back...  Okay, now everybody come back tomorrow for a real post! ;)

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