Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Here We Go Again!

Before I get started, I want to remind everyone to enter my Giveaway if you haven't had the chance. I am going to leave it open a few more days, since I haven't really posted much since. ;) Thanks so much to everyone who has entered and to my new followers! As promised, I will be choosing 2 winners! ;)

Our little girl has made it a while without complications, but had a little set back yesterday... We had to do a couple breathing treatments. Miss Sass woke up the night before last coughing really hard! She had a miserable night. :( However, after her treatments, she got back to her normal self... running and skipping and playing like she should!

Miss Sass had a simple 'do today. Just a couple of pull-throughs into a messy bun, with a new bow to accent! She also had a new outfit. This was a super-deal I found on the clearance rack at Target... 1.50 for the top & 1.50 for the shorts! I love buys like that! ;) Her bow is made from a fluffy layer of tulle, some knotted skinny ribbon, and two satin bows. So many fun things together! I think I might add some bows like this to my shop....
The kids have been at VBS this week and having an absolute blast! They are learning about the Fruits of the Spirit. This tree is where they get to put their fruit stickers when they earn one. ;)
After VBS, we had doctors visits and another appointment after that on the same side of town. So rather than going all the way home, we found a nice spot of shade and ate our lunch. I rarely get pics of Drama Boy these days, so I had to add this one.
And here is one of Mr. Cool and Sass enjoying their lunch. ;) The bow was a hit today at church, so I don't feel so bad about the lack of hairstyle... I'm working on some new ones though! ;)

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