Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Heart to Heart

This is about the easiest 'do, but it is fun and looks cute! ;) Plus you can adjust the size and placement for different hair types/ages/etc.

Start by seperating out the first section of hair. For this one, we were going for a heart shape. So, I made the top half of a heart. It almost looks like the letter "B". ;)
Next, make a pull-through in the opposite direction that you want to finish in.
Split the piece of hair from the pull-through in two and twist both toward the head. Then lay them down and secure with an elastic, along with the hair from your second section. For us, this was the bottom half of the heart. Voila! You're done. ;)

I'm posting quite a few pictures for this one, but Miss Sass was being oh-so-adorable!

There's no sass or smile in this one, but I just loved the colors. I rarely capture her real hair and skin color, because she is so light that the flash/sun wash her out so easily. This one is perfect! ;)

She totally loved that she had hearts on her pants, shirt and in her hair! ;)
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