Thursday, August 12, 2010

Criss-Cross & Twists Into a Low Side Pony

I totally loved the way this look turned out!

She ended up sleeping on these twists and they looked terrible, but no time to fix them. ;) Anyway, I secured them with elastics so they would stay in place.
Next I added twist braids to the rest of each section.
Now, it's time for the criss-cross. It's just a simple few box ponies.
I actually seperated this section for the criss-cross first, making the part where I wanted her bangs to start.
Next, I pulled all the remaining hair and the twist braids into a low side ponytail.
I did a little flip-over by folding the hair in half and wrapping another elastic around it. Then, I just adjusted/fluffed the hair until it was the way I wanted it.
Well, that was it. ;) Somehow, I again didn't manage to get a very picture of the finished look. It really was adorable!
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