Thursday, August 26, 2010

4 Little Piggies, A Miss Sass 'Do

So today's style is brought to you by the letter A and Little Miss Sass! ;) She told me what to do for the piggies and then added the snap clips on her own. Turned out pretty cute if you ask me! ;)

Also, these pictures are straight out of the camera (no editing), so Little Miss's true paleness is more noticeable and she has a wonderful koolaide mustache.... *sigh* I was giggling because her baby is so much darker than she is. ;)

She had to wear her Pinkalicious crown (her favorite accessory) and ballet slippers for a picture!

That's my sweetie pie! ;) Sorry if this is a boring post... it was just a fun day with no plans, hence the messy and super-simple style!
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