Monday, July 12, 2010

Winner of the Giveaway!

Sorry to post a fake this morning!!! I forgot that I had scheduled this one to start, but hadn't adding the pictures or selected a winner yet. Oooops!

Well, first of all, here are the winner's choices...

First a rocker zebra pair. These are great for scene hair like this look,
This is a brand new pair.

Here is a brown and cream set of mini clips. These are wonderful for babies and toddlers, but my teenage niece loves them too. ;)
Another pair of mini clips. Pink camo and black are great girly fun!
Purple and off-white frilly flower. This is about 2 inches wide and is a wonderful accent piece for buns or to pull back the sides of hair.
Fall forest bows. These are about 4 inches wide. The colors are chocolate brown, forest green, cream & burgandy. The green is really shiny; the colors together give these a very rich look.
Black with light pink satin... perfectly for Ballerinas! About 4.5 inches
And last are my new Pinkie Pie's Party bows. Sis is in love with the sweet "My Little Pony" and these bows were inspired by that love. ;) The dark and light pink solid ribbon is very shiny... Perhaps the wrong season, but these would be great for Valentine's day!

Well, I used, but couldn't get the picture to paste properly, sorry folks... you'll just have to trust that it's random. ;)

And the winner is:

#10 Christy said: Absolutely the cutest bumblebees I've ever seen! :) Congratulations on 100 posts! :D :D

Thanks so much Christy!

And because I feel just happy today and I'd like to spread the cheer, I'm adding a second winner:

#14 Juliet said: I love the bee costumes! I also love your site with all your cute ideas!

That's sweet Juliet, thank you!

Congratulations winners, you get to choose one set of bows, clips, or the purple flower! Please send me an email ( with your address and your choice and I'll get them right to you! Juliet, you'll get to choose after Christy! Thank you to everyone for commenting and following! ;)
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